Friday, February 09, 2007


Err...Ummm...Well...This idea is a rip off of one of my friends' posts...(He has restaurant reviews to his credit).. But, duh, this one is better...I mean the entire blog... No offense meant Meese Mama (Meese: A derogatory term in kannada for hair on unwanted parts of your body like the face)...

Author: Arthur Hailey

Plot: Nothing very specific. Gives you the description of the daily life of a detective. And yes, he takes one serial killing case to illustrate this. Extremely well written. The description of the killings are gory. Not advisable for children. Absolutely no loopholes. Hailey manages to link all the sub plots convincingly.

My take: MUST READ.
Rating: ****
High Profile Readers' Comments: "A sizzling read!A Hailey Masterpiece!!!!" - Bhargav

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Last week one of the greatest ever novelists passed away and this post is to pay my last respects to a prolific storyteller and one of my favorite authors.
There was a poll in the TOI on the next day after his death. I was quite surprised to see the 5 books, TOI thought were the best:
1. Rage of Angels
2. Sands of Time
3. Master of the Game
4. The Naked Face
5. Dont remember the name.

For all I know, these were by no means the best books by Sheldon. Not to sound immodest, but either my knowledge of fiction is poor, or TOI (times of india) has a crappy taste....How could they have missed out bestsellers like Windmills of the Gods (which created Angel - the best assasin in the whole wide world), or If Tomorrow Comes (Forgot the name of the protagonist, but she was one helluva con), or The Doomsday Conspiracy(My favorite and till date I consider many other books to be based with a similar storyline...IceStation(Matthew Reilly) and DigitalFortress(Dan Brown) included), or Tell Me Your Dreams(a tale well spun around Multiple Personality Disorder) or the GOD book - The Other Side of Midnight and it's GOD sequel - Memories of Midnight (I'm sure the character of Napolean Chotas would linger in the readers' minds).

I pay my last respects to the man, whose books made me switch from Hardy Boys to serious fiction.
May his soul R.I.P