Sunday, June 17, 2007


In my previous post, I'd listed Jadoo Teri Nazar at the 5th spot. However, due to prolonged periods of non-hearing, I had totally forgotten about this song "Yaad Kiya Dil Ne Kahan Ho Tum" (Movie: Patita, Singer: Hemant Kumar). So, this song replaces the existing one i.e. Jadoo Teri Nazar.
As a footnote, If God were to come to earth in the avatar of a singer, he would most definitely have come in the form of Hemant Kumar.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The World Of Music in the Planet of M

This post is way different from all my previous posts. I've been very serious in all my other posts and thought that this one should definitely be on a lighter note.

Let me quote Albus Dumbeldore - "Ah, music. A magic beyond all we do here!" (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone). It is magic, truly. What I want to share, is the list of my all time favorite songs and the reasons for them being my favorites. Here goes...

At No 10, is Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai (Movie: Woh Lamhe, Singer: Kay Kay). This song would have topped my all time favorite list or probably stood in the top three (if not at 1), had the composer Pritam composed this all on his own. Though this song is a direct rip-off of the song Tak Bisakh by Peter Pan, the lyrics of the Hindi version is simply captivating. "..tum kyon chale aate ho, har roz in khwabon mein, chupke se aa bhi jao, ik din meri baahon mein..." Hats off to the lyricist.

At No 9 is Neele Neele Ambar Par (Movie:Kalaakar, Singer: Kishore Kumar). Absolutely mind-blowing guitar-play by whoever it was. This is one song that is close to my heart, again because of the lyrics which is mesmerizing. Listen to each word carefully and I am 100 % sure, every single one of us has the desire, to fall in love and in the same manner he describes in the song.

At No 8 there is a tie between Ina Mina Dika (Movie: Asha, Singer: Kishore Kumar) and Chala Jaata Hoon(Movie: Mere Jeevan Sathi. Singer: Kishore). Reason, these are two songs for all seasons. Just a perfect dose of music when you need to be cheered up.

Yeh Shaam Mastani (Movie: Kati Patang, Singer: Kishore Kumar) is placed 7th in my all time list. This is one song which I love to croon standing on the terrace of my apartment at 6pm in the evening watching a flock of parrots returning to their nests and with the breeze caressing my face.

At No 6 is Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaye (Movie: Anand, Singer: Mukesh). Salil Choudhary at his best, I must say. Pure melody combined with heart rendering lyrics.
"...Dil jaane, mere saare, bhed ye gahare
Ho gae kaise mere, sapane sunahare
Yeh mere sapane, yahii to hain apane
mujhase judaa na honge inake ye saaye, inake ye saaye..."
Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
The context or the picturisation of the song - even better.

At No 5 is Jadoo Teri Nazar (Movie: Darr, Singer: Udit Narayan). Shiv Hari weave pure magic as the song portrays a psychopath lover who would go to any extent to get his sweetheart. My favorite coz of the way Udit sings it. (And the lyrics). Another reason is that everytime I sing this song, I try to put myself in the shoes of the psychopath lover and I swear by everything that is holy - the feeling is very different, kinda scary as well.

At No 4 is Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas Tum Rehti Ho (Movie: Blackmail, Singer: Kishore). If I would ever propose to a girl, this is the song I would be singing when I'm on my knees. There is nothing else that I can say about this song.

Yeh Raatein Yeh Mausam Nadi Ka Kinara (Movie: Dilli Ka Thug, Singer: Kishore, Asha) is at the 3rd spot. I consider this to be the most romantic song in the history of Bollywood. The lyrics of this song are extremely sensual and weave pure magic and leave you mesmerized. I get transported to another world, where I picturize myself on a river bank, with a forest at the other end and a light moonlight that is the only source of light which reflects off the surface of the still water. Boy, i'm already there!

At No 2 on my list is Tum Pukar Lo from the movie Khamoshi sung by Hemant Kumar. Please listen to this song and you'll know why I like this. I do not have words to describe this song.

Before I finish this countdown with my ALL TIME FAVORITE SONG, here are a few songs that are close to my heart but do not feature in this list - Suhana Safar from Madhumati, Tera Muskurana from Jhankaar Beats, Dil Tadap tadap ke from Madhumati, Words by Boyzone, Love me for a Reason by Boyzone, Du Hast by Rammstein, Engel by Rammstein and Show me the meaning of feeling lonely by Backstreet Boys.

There is one song (without lyrics) that would require a special mention here and that is the Flute Song by Remo. The no of times I've danced to this tune in college are countless. Tapanguchi rocks!

The two songs that I are very meaningful yet saddening are Tanha Dil by Shaan and Koi Lauta De Mere Beete Hue Din sung by Kishore. These songs have a depressing effect on me though they are extremely melodious and meaningful. They remind me of my college days and the wonderful days I had with the closest of my buddies which brings a lump in my throat.

Now to the NUMERO UNO song - Yeh Raat Yeh Chandni Phir Kahan, Sunja Dil Ki Daastan (Movie: Jaal, Singer: Hemant Kumar). Let me quote Wikipedia here - "Till date, the sweetness of the melodious "Yeh raat yeh chandni phir kahan, sun ja dil ki dastaan", sung by the heavenly voices Hemant Kumar has not been equalled by any song of this type, composed by any music composure". I have nothing more to add.

Those were/are my favorite songs. What are your favorites?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I will be stealing the thunder of Othla by publishing this post. (Othla -> A person who does utter TP at the place where I work and gets away with it...mostly by getting an onsite opportunity). But heck, he cant have the both the cash and the thunder. I get to take the cash.

With my greying hair, and the increasing burden I put on my dad for refuelling the tank of my bike, I thought of calculating my market value. This, I thought, would offer some solace to my dad who has to bear with an outstretched hand (my hand), every single day. And me being the shameless creature that I am, ask for the cash everyday, without fail. It's been a mystery as to why he hasn't thrown me out of the house, yet. (He might be contemplating this).

Cut to the point, me is putting a quotation for myself with all my features and attributes and approximate a market value (read as dowry) that I expect from the bride (or groom).
Some of the phrases will be in the local dialect or atleast the direct english translation of the local dialect:

1. Me is Engineer - Value: Rs 50 lakh

2. Me is BE pass first time. (To be read as: I have graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Engineering without any backlogs... ) Value: Rs 50lakh + 10 lakh = Rs 60 lakh*.

(NOTE: All figures will be denoted in terms of the base value henceforth, viz 50 lakh)

3. Me is working (where??? That doesn't matter) - Value: Rs 75 lakh

4. Me Faarin return (To be read as: I have visited a country outside India) Value: Rs 1.5 Crore

5. Me can speaketh English - Value: Rs 1.9 Crore

6. English write me, English understand me - Value:Rs 2 Crore

7. Me is reddy, sorry, ready to learn any language of In-law's choice - Value: Rs 3 Crore

8. Me can ride bike - Value: Rs 3.5 Crore

9. Me can make Cup-Noodles very well - Value: Rs 3.75 Crore.

10. Me friend Othla was mentioning that in his caste, it is considered to be a prestigious issue to have a mistress. Me Say NAAICE for that. - Value: Rs 4.5 Crore*.

11. Me claims that me can play musical instrument (I dont expect my inlaws to verify that) - Value: Rs 4.51 Crore

12. Me plans to go to gym to build body (Like Chiranjeevi) - Value: Rs 8 Crore

13. Me is watches Chiranjeevi movies and consider Chiranjeevi to be the greatest star, ever- Value: Rs 20 Crore (Whoops what a jump!!!!)

14. Me doesn't mind the kind of bride I will be getting in exchange for the cash:
Clause a: For every physical deformity, I will charge an extra 5 crore.
So, the max I can expect is about 50 crore*.

Clause b: I dont mind if the Bride is fat. Every pound of extra flesh means a rise in the value
by 2 crore.

Clause c: Becoming a house-husband i.e. ghar jamai is acceptable but will come at an extra cost of 5 crore.

Clause d: For Rs 200 Crore, I dont mind if it is a BRIDE or a BRIDEGROOM*!!!!! (Half of the state, bordering Karnataka i.e. AP. should also be given away as free gift).

* - Conditions Apply. Read offer document carefully before investing.

I am not such a bad person as you might think I am. I have offered a generous once-in-a-lifetime discount of Rs 10000, as I dont match the description of being tall, dark and handsome. * (Again: * - Conditions Apply).

Oh, just as a footnote: The above amount mentioned is exclusive of 12.5% VAT and all other income tax complications.

ANY TAKERS????????