Sunday, November 25, 2007

TPGPL Reloaded!!!!!

TPGPL is back with a bang!!!! Today's meeting just proved that...
Anyways, for those of you who've forgotten... Here is a re-introduction of the key-members

CEO Tiger aka "Hemanth":

Claim to Fame: Poli Maathugalu...FreshhandHonest
Quotable Quotes: "Nin hendt....... kodtiya???? Bejar madkollalla...loafer nan magane" (I was at the recieving end :( )

CTO Bande aka "Deepak"

Claim to Fame: Allah ke bande
Quotable Quotes: "Toota toota ek saaman aise toota..."

CFO Kunta aka "Sriram"

Claim to Fame: (In)Famous jump from 5-point something wall, Vagator, Goa / Irrepairable 15 degree bend in left ankle.
Quotable Quotes: "Yamma... Yeno haikonde"

COO Mallu Boy aka "Sharath"

Claim to Fame: Adda
Quotable Quotes: "Adda" / "Ooo f**k" (before falling from bike)

HR BM aka "Bhargav"

Claim to Fame: Darshini, K.R. Circle, Bangalore.
Quotable Quotes: "Sss side ge hogu"

Recently deposed CEO Gay aka Students aka "Hari"

Claim to Fame: Mock Interview
Quotable Quotes: "Steve Waugh bowling mettage baratte.... aaadre pace iratte"

Bladebubba Nachi

Claim to Fame: Bubbalogue
Quotable Quote: Request the rest of the members to fill in

Software Engineers Mom aka Nish

Claim to Fame: Pondi in Placement Office
Quotable Quote: "1 year celibacy..."


Claim to Fame: Yet to come
Quotable Quote: "Mmmdddiga".

Request others to post similar intros...

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Living in a fantasy land

I was planning to gather info for this post and upload it later in the day but this thought struck me suddenly.
Reading a novel akin to Harry Potter, or atleast of the same genre of books, fantasy fiction, got me into thinking about how we wish to live in a deluded world. As I delved more, I found out that these books give you an out of the world experience, an experience which is truly implausible. It is no wonder they are called 'fantasy fiction'. People who haven't read such books might demur at these suggestions and term the others as demented but living in the fantasy world is a lot better than the actual world. The good part about these books is that there are no parallel stories and they are all part of a complex plot.

Most of these stories contain a protagonist who is still in school (the children's fantasy fiction) and has a prophecy made in his name which he/she must fulfil or die trying. There is of course the antagonist who acts as a demoniac. The hero of the book must descry various objects hidden or sometimes even encounter them during the course of his journey to fulfil his prophecy. Most often, the hero is deprived of desideratum in his childhood and sometimes considered as despicable by his peers.

To Be Continued...

Friday, November 02, 2007

Getting Quizzical Pt 2

I tried to aggrandize my existing general knowledge in the past few weeks unsuccessfully. After round 3 i was muttering to myself.."Atleast some of the questions were trite"... Added to that, i had to sit in one place. Having played a truant all my life, this was one place i couldn't excuse myself out.
All the initial hype just turned out to be trumpery. Round 4, 5 and 6 were our rounds as all the turgid questions reduced and the torpor of our team seemed to have vanished. Though these rounds were tortuous, we had answers for most of the quesions. We traiped about answering most and agglomerating a lot of points thus building a healthy lead over the rest of the pack, second only to the top scorers. But then tocsins began to ring as the other teams closed in on the gap and we were unfortunate not to have got a few easy questions our way.
We ended up fourth but still that was a good show considering our start... I can describe the events into a tome but i restrict myself here as i'm feelign quite torpid.. :)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Getting Quizzical

Ok, I am back with the "A Post A Day"...
Today's post describes an area of extra-curricular activity that i'm not good at... i.e. general knowledge...and quizzing has never been my forte... Thanks to being cooped up in my house and watching cartoon network all the time, I thought that my GK had hit rock bottom. But yesterday's quiz finals showed that there is some vestige.

Flash back to my office near Kengeri, a couple of weeks back, there was an announcement that there would be a general quiz contest. A few fellow timepass seekers and I formed a team - "Yakke"... "Yakkow" would've sounded better but sounded too raspy. Expecting a lot of recondite questions as the no of teams were high, we participated for timepass. By a quirk of fate, we got the easiest of questions...well, questions to which we knew the answers. We 'topped' the prelims and were termed as rubber champions, though i'm not sure why we got that tag. Now that left me in a quandary as I neither have/had the quizzing abilities nor did I brush up on my non-existent GK to add value to the team. After a dismal performance in round 2, we had no hopes of qualifying for the finals. Lady luck smiled on us twice and we just managed to scrape through to the finals.

Now, I dint want to go to the finals and get pummelled. Neither did i want to be branded as pusillanimous. Mustering courage I went there and took my seat next to some of the putative(reputed) quizzing giants. I was hoping to purloin some points here and there by hook or crook. After the first three rounds, our team was yet to open the account thanks to some really shoddy answering by your's truly. Added to that, some very easy questions were on the offering and they were devoured by the other teams. But such is the pulchritude of quiz. I had this puerile urge to go and erase all the points on the board so that the quiz would restart and hopefully i could gain a few points.

To Be Continued...