Sunday, November 25, 2007

TPGPL Reloaded!!!!!

TPGPL is back with a bang!!!! Today's meeting just proved that...
Anyways, for those of you who've forgotten... Here is a re-introduction of the key-members

CEO Tiger aka "Hemanth":

Claim to Fame: Poli Maathugalu...FreshhandHonest
Quotable Quotes: "Nin hendt....... kodtiya???? Bejar madkollalla...loafer nan magane" (I was at the recieving end :( )

CTO Bande aka "Deepak"

Claim to Fame: Allah ke bande
Quotable Quotes: "Toota toota ek saaman aise toota..."

CFO Kunta aka "Sriram"

Claim to Fame: (In)Famous jump from 5-point something wall, Vagator, Goa / Irrepairable 15 degree bend in left ankle.
Quotable Quotes: "Yamma... Yeno haikonde"

COO Mallu Boy aka "Sharath"

Claim to Fame: Adda
Quotable Quotes: "Adda" / "Ooo f**k" (before falling from bike)

HR BM aka "Bhargav"

Claim to Fame: Darshini, K.R. Circle, Bangalore.
Quotable Quotes: "Sss side ge hogu"

Recently deposed CEO Gay aka Students aka "Hari"

Claim to Fame: Mock Interview
Quotable Quotes: "Steve Waugh bowling mettage baratte.... aaadre pace iratte"

Bladebubba Nachi

Claim to Fame: Bubbalogue
Quotable Quote: Request the rest of the members to fill in

Software Engineers Mom aka Nish

Claim to Fame: Pondi in Placement Office
Quotable Quote: "1 year celibacy..."


Claim to Fame: Yet to come
Quotable Quote: "Mmmdddiga".

Request others to post similar intros...


Hari Krishnan said...


Claim to fame: Actually was in Earthen oven when he had four plates of gobi manchurian and actually cleaned up the entire table.


Claim to fame: Greatest player of off-spin bowling ever in TPGPL - courtesey Bande and Gay.

Onsite Co-Ordinator Bakra aka Vinay

Claim to fame: Largest pair of boobs in the group. Enuf said.
Quotable quotes: Lakka Lakka, Pachka Pachka, Gala Gala(all said when he's drunk!!)

Mallu Boy

Claim to fame: No one and I mean no one can say Bye the last when ur ending a fone conversation with this dude. He always says it in the end.
Quotable quotes: mnfakjsfjlasklasklsakfl(mallu language)

To be continued....

Deepak said...

Bubba's Quutable quotes -
1. Naanu yavattu lifealli hodkonde illa
2. I assign this job to you.
3. Can you give this pen to the lady in princi's office - worst of the lot
4. Yeh!!...Hogli Bido
5. ....prestegious......

And for many more refer Tiger's blog...

Bubba has so many 'Quotable Quotes' that Google will run out of its database servers if I quote them all.......I leave the other important ones to the rest of TPGPL members....All yours.....