Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bugged By Media

After yesterday's post, I wasn't sure if I had the verve to churn out another post... Blogging continuously can be a pain... or atleast when it is seen as a daily chore.. :( . Anyway, I'll continue with my "Post for the day"...

Today, I have chosen to blog about some of the vapid news reporting by some of the media and the response to such insipid stories by readers. In my opinion, newspapers have been deposed by the internet as the unbiased source of news. Certain forms of the media move heaven and earth to tailor news according to their view point and are shamelessly biased while delivering them. To them, TRP is important and more often than not, turn out to be depraved. An editorial of a leading newspaper responded to critics stating that the news wasn't veneered. The editor even went to the extent of vilifying some of the questions just stoppping short of terming them"stupid". The denouement was clear: "This is the kind of news that we report. Take it or leave it". I consider this as a dereliction from their duty viz to report news as it is.

Add to that some readers who seem to have taken the task of vexing others by posting comments that are neither relevant to the context nor sensible but often visceral. Some of them seem to be competing with viragos. Just for arguments sake. What prompted me to post this was the sight of the reader's comments in today's newspaper. The comments were in reaction to the recent regimen or the welter of the regime in Karnataka. All of them objurgated the recently formed JDS - BJP coalition calling it an unhealthy one. Surprisingly, not one of these comments came from Karnataka. And those states from where these well-educated people have posted their comments have seen regimes that are forgettable. And not to mention, those governments have been chosen by the very same people's volition. I am not trying to champion the cause of the politicos here but this is just an attempt to showcase how deplorable the deportment of people can be. When you point a finger at others, remember that there are 4 pointing at you. Sounds cliched, but very true.

TV itself has been subjected to depredation of TRP and masala. Most of these TV channels, probably have a recreant (apostat/traitor)- a reconnoiter for another channel, who sells news / info. There is no rectitude in this cut-throat atmosphere and there is no scope for a recumbent posture. This info is then refurbished, rehashed and transmitted as Flash News. So much for originality. Reporting can get virulent if trivia makes headlines. Some invite experts to their shows, to debate on controversial topics. More often than not, these debates are vitiated by the glamour quotient. The luminaries on stage are vitriolic to each other's opinions and spend the given time vituperating (abuse) the opinion of the other. Channels in their quest for variegation often forget the cardinal rule of reporting viz give news as it is. Unfortunately, this kind of SOAP is in vogue and has become a wont. Interesting.

News must be winnowed from trivia and broadcast separately. The apparition of the Created News must wane. Media barons must realize this and veer the course of this ship lest it sink in the vast ocean of ignorance.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A stinker by the selectors... yet again

Readers, please bear with me for a few days. I will be churning out abominable posts day after day for the next few days. Request all patrons not to be disheartened by these sub-standard posts and kindly bear with me for some more days. Gulp...Here goes:

Indian cricket is in a welter. Not that there were any less controversies before this one. But this has been one of those where cricketing logic has taken a welting. I'm talking about the exclusion of former skipper Rahul Dravid from the 15 member squad for the first two ODIs against Pak. His exclusion has been unwarranted and the decision to 'rest' him doesn't have a whit of sense.

Time and again, we have seen the whimsical attitude of the selectors and this time, the 'colonel' has misfired. And just as we thought that all is well, Vengsarkar played the role of a wet blanket. Though R.D's dip in form may have been waxing, he has never been wastrel(profligate) in his approach to batting. The damage done to India's most dedicated player cannot be undone. No amount of wheedling can undo the treatment meted out to this gentleman.

Dravid hasn't made any whinny noises. Another characteristic of the gentleman that he is. It is a loss to the great batting line-up we once possessed. The middle order has been debilitated. Of course we have the debonair Yuvi, but what the team needs is a person who can play the role of an anchor when the chips are down.

We can expect a declivity in the team's performance if more such selecting shockers occur.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I'm Feelin Real Happy

After a long period of hibernation, I'm back to bloggy world. Since it has been a long time, English mine little rusty become. Kindly bear with the me.

These days I'm feeling really happy, as if I were on a high. And this happiness is due to some external factors, none of which have anything to do with me. But still, I'm feeling really excited.
Happiness, they say, is contagious. Let me share the joy with the rest of you folks:

1. Recent developments in Karnataka politics: Wow, this one sure gets me on a high. I've always thought that using the term "scoundrels" for politicos was apt. Now, I feel, "goddamn bast@rds", pardon my French, might also sound a little too mild.

I like these JD(S) dudes. They remind me of my own self when I was a kid. During those gully cricket sessions, when I was done with my batting, I used to say "win-declare". (Or walk off with the bat, coz the bat was mine). Now, there is nothing better than watching your opponent fume, cheated out of their batting turn, claiming foul play. Same sh*t here. Only that the stakes are higher.

And all these days, we've been expecting them to govern us. Hamburger.
I'm feeling very happy...

2. Talk on non-"voilence" at the UN General Assembly: If any of you watched the Ind-Aus cricket match on Tue, you might've noticed this. The UPA chairperson delivering a speech on non-"voilence" to the UN General Assembly would be aired live on DD. Huh, no sh*t.
First of all, our pals (read as DD) do not know the s-p-e-l-l-i-n-g of 'violence'. Next, we have a lady from that mafia stricken land delivering a speech on non-'voilence'. (In italiano รจ non-violenza).

I'm feeling very happy...

3. Men in ze blue: Man, I've never felt more happier about anyone else. Our country has a knack of picking heroes and turning them into Gods.

Some arbitrary dude hit some round white object out of someplace six times in a row and he gets rewarded with crores of rupees, houses and what not. The rest of the folks who are also dressed in the same colors get lakhs, if not crores for providing, say 3 hours, of entertainment. That money was what I paid as tax. Sweet. Oh... And not to mention, people worship them as well. Some even go to the extent of saying that their f@rts smell nice. (That really is crass, but yeah, it is the truth).

Man, that's really nice considering the fact that there are soldiers out there at some remote unheard, unseen places firing rounds after rounds and they get one medal, that too posthumously. So much for their valor.

I'm feeling really happy...

4. Ease of commuting: I am a person who loves to do time-pass and not to sound immodest, but, I come up with really innovative ideas for doing timepass. Now this new novel method stumped me. Sample this: I need to go from Place A to Place B, say from my house to the next block. Couple of years back it used to take a lazy-bum like about 10mins max. Now, it takes close to 45 mins. Wow, 35 mins of timepass. Sweet. Added to that, more often than not I get a roller coaster ride, which would have cost me 400rs in WonderLa. Sweet.

I'm feeling really really happy.

I've got something for all the people mentioned in this post:


India will be a superpower in 2020... I will be going to Mars on vacation starting tomorrow.

Mera Bharat Mahan, Jai Hind!!!