Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I'm Feelin Real Happy

After a long period of hibernation, I'm back to bloggy world. Since it has been a long time, English mine little rusty become. Kindly bear with the me.

These days I'm feeling really happy, as if I were on a high. And this happiness is due to some external factors, none of which have anything to do with me. But still, I'm feeling really excited.
Happiness, they say, is contagious. Let me share the joy with the rest of you folks:

1. Recent developments in Karnataka politics: Wow, this one sure gets me on a high. I've always thought that using the term "scoundrels" for politicos was apt. Now, I feel, "goddamn bast@rds", pardon my French, might also sound a little too mild.

I like these JD(S) dudes. They remind me of my own self when I was a kid. During those gully cricket sessions, when I was done with my batting, I used to say "win-declare". (Or walk off with the bat, coz the bat was mine). Now, there is nothing better than watching your opponent fume, cheated out of their batting turn, claiming foul play. Same sh*t here. Only that the stakes are higher.

And all these days, we've been expecting them to govern us. Hamburger.
I'm feeling very happy...

2. Talk on non-"voilence" at the UN General Assembly: If any of you watched the Ind-Aus cricket match on Tue, you might've noticed this. The UPA chairperson delivering a speech on non-"voilence" to the UN General Assembly would be aired live on DD. Huh, no sh*t.
First of all, our pals (read as DD) do not know the s-p-e-l-l-i-n-g of 'violence'. Next, we have a lady from that mafia stricken land delivering a speech on non-'voilence'. (In italiano รจ non-violenza).

I'm feeling very happy...

3. Men in ze blue: Man, I've never felt more happier about anyone else. Our country has a knack of picking heroes and turning them into Gods.

Some arbitrary dude hit some round white object out of someplace six times in a row and he gets rewarded with crores of rupees, houses and what not. The rest of the folks who are also dressed in the same colors get lakhs, if not crores for providing, say 3 hours, of entertainment. That money was what I paid as tax. Sweet. Oh... And not to mention, people worship them as well. Some even go to the extent of saying that their f@rts smell nice. (That really is crass, but yeah, it is the truth).

Man, that's really nice considering the fact that there are soldiers out there at some remote unheard, unseen places firing rounds after rounds and they get one medal, that too posthumously. So much for their valor.

I'm feeling really happy...

4. Ease of commuting: I am a person who loves to do time-pass and not to sound immodest, but, I come up with really innovative ideas for doing timepass. Now this new novel method stumped me. Sample this: I need to go from Place A to Place B, say from my house to the next block. Couple of years back it used to take a lazy-bum like about 10mins max. Now, it takes close to 45 mins. Wow, 35 mins of timepass. Sweet. Added to that, more often than not I get a roller coaster ride, which would have cost me 400rs in WonderLa. Sweet.

I'm feeling really really happy.

I've got something for all the people mentioned in this post:


India will be a superpower in 2020... I will be going to Mars on vacation starting tomorrow.

Mera Bharat Mahan, Jai Hind!!!


Hari Krishnan said...

Wow! dude..Blogging after a long time.. The long wait was definitely NOT worth it..I would rather watch Ramu Ki Aag than read this horsesh*t(see how cleverly using a * I converted this horrible word into something readable :) )..This is how Sachin( would react to this blog

Sachin : Hats off thatha.. One again showing that sarcasm is ur forte.. This blog also brings about your tremendous knowlegde in current affairs and ur ability to make normal day to day activities seem humourous..

This is I would comment.

Hari : wat?? dude.. are u happy or are u phised off wid things.. ur sending mixed signals here man..

1) I dnt knw why ur so phised off wid JD(S).. we are getting a day off for elections man.. Win Win for us..

2)I didnt know about this till u told me.. Quick ques.. Who in Ram's name watches DD these days.. I gues s the DD tv execs are watching Star themselves

3)Absolutely right dude..I agree with u like 12%.. u knw wat we should do..we should send that bozos Sreesanth and Harbhajan to the front(the border(to fight the enemy(Pakistan!)))..If they show this aggression there they will be killed in an instant and we will better off

4)Ram knows what you just mean in this point..

For those keeping count..Ram here is KuntRam aka Sriram as M Karunanidhi has clearly "proven" that Rama does not exist!!

Smiley.. If u are reading this..This is wat a blog means..It means writing some sh*t(clever mea!) in ur blog..Changing the name of ur old Blog doesnt count!!

karthik said...

Nice one after a long time... There are a lot of other stuff which brings in "feel good" factor with them.
1. A sensible person like Dr.Kalam doesn't get to occupy the so-called highest post. They bring in some random person and make her a puppet.
2. Some as*hole wants to comment on the beliefs of hindus and want to demolish things.

svk312 said...

Are you freaking out people by telling the opposites?

Yaaru..... :-)

Shailesh said...

sarcasm at its best!!!

A Retarded Prole said...

woo..! your post does say soemthing about the times we live in,scums all around us!
adding to that happiness list, the existense or non-existense of a hindu deity has been one explosive issue that parties are tryin to battle these days, the debate, opinion polls,discussions on whethere Lord Ram built a bridge shows how far from reality we have come!

Aslan said...

totally man.. totally. at least i'm doing my bit to use taxpayers' money to get some education n' then leave the country to increase GDP elsewhere n' i think you should follow suit.