Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ah... The Vome Sick The Me

Thanks to the extremely 'long' break that i got between my exams and summers (2 WHOLE DAYS), my homesickness has increased exponentially.

Strangely, today it was a different feeling though; wasn't the regular 'Miss my folks', 'Miss my friends' homesickness.
Just jotted down what I missed today (and over the past few months):

-My Girlfriend :) :) (With a TVS Victor - name tag :) :)
-My TT practice session
-My bean bag (which was the culprit behind my '33' - waist size (to be taken in past tense)
-My Casio Keyboard (The neighbours are happy though :o)
-7 am breakfast with piping hot ghee-masala dosas at Sidappa's and Chikkanna'
-Weekend visits to Blossoms book house
- Amoeba bowling alley (and beating Hari comprehensively :P :P)
- My Super-Fast BSNL broadband connection
- My neighbourhood library
- Mafia sessions at MindTree
- TP @ MindTree :P :P
- Speaking in Kannada (currently, I'm in a bad shape - I am bad at English, I don't know Hindi and I'm forgetting/gotten Kannada
- My set of Tinkle and Indrajal comics
- World Space radio

I cannot go on any further... the list is never ending...

Boo Hoo... 2 more months...


maia said...

Interestin n funny:)

Vikas said...

Dude that's why god created girls....flirting helps u over come all of those things....

Anonymous said...

Very funny... Ur the most refreshing guy!!

Vikas said...

Thank u....any advice any time...ur welcome...Mr/Ms Anonymous....

Bhargav said...

@maia: Thanks.. :)

@Vikas: eh??? dint get u??

@Anonymous: Err...were you refering to the blog or to one of the comments? :)