Thursday, January 25, 2007


What an outrageous thing to happen. Especially when they are endangered species. PETA must've started the protests by now. GODDAMMIT. It wasn't a 'PANTHER' it was 'PANDHER'. HAMBURGER. There is a conference room with a TV quite close to my cubicle (if you can call it a cubicle) and they are showing this footage of PANDHER being assaulted.

FAGS... Every single one of them... I'm not talking about PANDHER or PANTHER or whoever. I'm cursing the TV operator who is glued to TIMES NOW. I mean which sane person on earth watches TIMES NOW when you've got a whole lot of steamy commercials being aired on AXN.

The next set of goddamn ba****rds are these TIMES NOW journalists who are running and re-running the footage of Pandher being assaulted. I wonder if they are trying to get some sympathy votes for him. Or even worse, Ram Jethmalani might probably consider defending him. (That would just be the last straw: Ram Jethmalani calling Pandher a symbol of peace and a person who loves children just as he did while he defended that pot-smoking goddamn crunkie - Manu Whatever). Of course Pandher does love children, but not in the sense we are talking about. Or we could probably have that dickhead Jaffer Sharief taking out a procession in the communally (in)sensitive Shivajinagar to protest the inhuman treatment meted out to him by RSS (I don't know the connection between RSS and Pandher or his henchman Koli). Heck, that guy is a goddamn necrophiliac and a future politician (a successful one as well), so why show him in good light. For god's sake, that guy deserves a gruesome death penalty.. If possible pluck his fingers one by one and leave him to die a painful death.

I've still not recovered from the much hyped Ash-AB wedding (read Hari's blog on Aish set to marry AB's baby), or the Shilpa Shetty racism issue (dont Read Kunta's take on racism) and now this. (There is a storm brewing with Hema Malini's controversial comments as well).

I guess this is all a part of a big conspiracy to stop me from watching television.



Anonymous said...

I wonder when we will get to see Hari get beaten up for his crimes against humanity...

Anonymous said...

@bhargav: dude... what the hell are you talking about... I am totally confused!!!! are you talking about that panther(it was a cheetah or a leopard or watever) that was being stoned to death by that villagers or are you talking about Moninder singh Pandher!!!What was the point of this blog again?? If it is the overreaction on the part of the press, then I totally agree with you.. I would be, like you said, watching steamy(!!) commercials on the now defunct AXN, than watching that disgusting TIMES NOW..

p.s. Why the hell are you encouraging people to read that bande-loving, hindu-hating, pot-smoking hippie - Kunta's blog.. haven't people been through enough..

@Kunta: I have mailed your complete information(address, fone no etc) to VHP, RSS, Shiv Sena to name a few... Watch out dude... They are only their way to lynch(did i spell that right) you..

P.S. I told them that you are a bande lover and hindu hater ;-) ;-)

Bhargav said...

@sriram: I dont know about Hari, but reading Hari's comments I know that "Somebody gonna get a hurt real badly"..

@Hari: Watch today's news you'll get to know.. And as far as me publicizing kunta's blog check out the "dont" written next to it..
And yes good tat u mailed Shiv Sena, VHP, RSS etc... I would love to see Kuntasaurus emulating another Archaeopteryx's flight and breaking it's other leg...

dharmu said...

bro, are you selling nuts? i have no clue what you post was about.

update:my flight tickets are not booked, my agent disappeared, my visa will be void in few days, agent eloped with my money, i am stuck in this country.

any take on this one?

Aslan said...
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Aslan said...

no idea about post substance, pro'lly 'cuz i already quit watching TV ages ago (n' now i'm glad i did). as for this hindu-hater, well i am member of RSS jayanagar so i will sneak into his bedroom at night and knife him. thank you anonymous for mailing the required info. and how did you comment on a blog which doesn't allow anonymous comments? security breach!

Bhargav said...

@Dharmu: A lil too late to reply to your comment..Now that you are back in India and ready to fly again.. :)

@Kuts: About the anonymous comments part, I've no clue whatsoever...As far as the hindu-hater is concerned, dont you worry, we've already broken one of his legs..he's got kinda permanent limp..