Monday, April 30, 2007

Disgustingly Despo

I'll keep this one short and straight to the point.

This blog space hasn't been recieved well by my admirers/detractors/rest of mankind.
I've been penning away articles that are worth publishing (you could also convert them to movies) and all I see is that I am the only one who reads them.

It's been nearly 7 months since I've started blogging and all I see is 900 on my site meter. Either the site meter has been malfunctioning or it has been malfunctioning.

I am having a tough time visiting my own blog nearly 20 times a day (after clearing all the cookies in my computer), just to increase the site meter count.

I had to stop writing Book Reviews(read post beneath this one) because of the exceedingly unmanageable number of comments I recieved for the first one. Publishers are queing up to me asking me to post more such reviews but lack of time and appreciation (read as comments) have forced me to take this extreme step(Not uploading any post for 2 whole months)!!!

For those who search for links within links within links as if they are on a treasure hunt (similar to profile hunters on Orkut ), i've also provided the links of my friends' blogs almost all of which are inactive. (Hurrah for that!!!)

So, what is preventing you from commenting for this one? (Dont give me lame excuses like I don't have time, or I don't like your blog, or Your blog aint funny, or You are a jackass or similar complements).

One final parting shot. "Truth manifests itself in terms of Contradictions. Contradictions lead you to the truth" - Thus spake...well...umm...(Name not mentioned for fear of losing my job. You don't quote your company's big boss and get away with it).

There you go. I've kept this one short and sweet.


Raghavendra said...

tale-buda Enu illa!
ninna blog neene odko!:)

EnigmaFan said...

tale buDa ide, madya enoo illa :P

Aslan said...

This blog does not allow anonymous comments. Well.. maybe you have only scaredy cats visiting your blog and wanting to put brickbat without revealing identity. Change that and maybe you will be more amply rewarded (or insulted). Use blogrolling and add mine blog to attract more hits. 900? I think you should blog more often 'cuz your posts are definitely more interesting to the public than mine and I have more than 900.

karthik said...

well.. no content.. the truth finally coming out on how u got that 900 odd hits :)
maga, u r capable of writing better than this.. delete this crap!!!
excuse me for the bitter comment:)

Sachin said...

Frankly speaking this aint a blog..

But I cant hide the fact that this plea(:)) brought a smile on my face..It reminded me of some 'talented' filmmaker whose films were not being understood and hence not appreciated..He was almost on the road when life taught him a lesson..To laugh at himself...Thatha uses this here..

Only one who can laugh at himself can make others laugh..

My advice to thatha is--dude write topics that people can relate to.

Take us back to those halcyon years of ur writing..:)

PS: If any of the other readers want to read those typa articles urgently,u can visit

Cheers thatha... :)

Hari "Pissed off" Krishnan said...

Dude...This sycophantic rant of yours has upped your sitemeter from 900 to 939...Pathetic.. Your blog proves that you are a greater attention seeker than Seung-Hui Cho.. Bbwwaaahhhaaaa.....

Karthik said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karthik said...

maga, since u took pains to comment in my blog, i am writing a comment here. You seem to be more despo than that friend of urs. Get back to ur original self and write some meaningful blogs rather than trying to get noticed by other means...

Surabhi said...

for the 1st time i actually visit your blog, what an irony it is to read this article the very 1st time :-) but then, ur honesty and pride bout ur number of "hits" needs 2 be appreciated!!

svk312 said...

Nanna 56Kbps slow modem nalli.... 50.6Kbps antha speed torisuthida dial-up connection na nambi yeno baredirabeku antha nodidare baredirodu yella .... bakwaas.... nanna bandwidth haagu speed usage aadru ninage artha aagalaradshtu kastada ondu dodda comment na bari le beku antha annkollutha iddine... idu nanna modalane commentu.... mathe innodu swalpa tamage kelasa kododakke khudagi shifarisu madutha iddine... innu yenadru kodadidare nimma company navaru ninnana konege CTR gadaru serisuthine kelasa madoke... manealli anthu hegidru permission ide adake.... amele ninna ee counter... count avella... nodidre nimma company alli shortly idanu block maduthare especially eee ondu link anna anthu block made maduthare......

Idu nanna first version comment indu acknowledge maadu madadiru innu 10 comment barithine.....

Nirav Thakker said...

you don't have to feel bad dude!! i have been blogging since March last yr, and i still have just 587 hits!!! its a different story that i added the counter much later!!!

Bhargav said...

@Raghavendra: Tale-buda irodidre naanu blog baritirlilla... Btw, aa RBK shirt nin mele tumba chennagi kanatte.. :)

@enigmafan: Madya yen irli meter went up by 100 in just 3 days time.

@Kuts aka Aslan: have changed the settings..have allowed anonymous comments as well.. will add ur blog link in mine as well.. :)

@karthik: maga..this crap has earned me 11 comments including 1 from you...the highest any post of mine has ever recieved..

@sachin: Do well in your exams..Once you are done with them, i'll trouble you with more posts (read as comments)

@hari: Yeah..Seung Hui Cho..tell that to our buddies who are going there... And thanks for increasing the count by 10..Had a tough time doin that all by myself.. Next time onwards, try increasing it in multiples of 100

@karthik jr: The point is that the blog is getting noticed..I dont care about the means.. :)

@sudhi: I have no clue of what you were trying to tell me..except that you need to be treated once in CTR..Consider that done.

@Nirav: Thanks for visiting this space and taking your time off to put a comment.. :)

Bhargav said...

@Surabhi: Honesty and pride it ain't reflect much... Me just was using some cheap thrills to get people to read my blog.. And I dont think i've failed...

Jamal said...

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