Sunday, July 15, 2007


Today's Annual General Body meeting (AJM) was probably the last one where all the members of Time Pass Gang Private Ltd, together spent quality time in Pizza Hut, had some hearty laughs and did Time Pass viz the main motto and the concept behind the inception of this company. There were two conspicuous absentees - Tiger (he wouldn't have missed this one otherwise) and Kunta (due to his recent expulsion).

Bubba is leaving for Mumbai to pursue his higher studies. Will probably see glimpses of him when he comes on vacation / intership. Same case with Bakra, but he's goin to be gone for a long time. We dont expect him to be back from the US of A very soon. Bande aka Deepak will be visiting the States on official purposes and we might not get to see him for the next part of the year.

This is just the beginning. There are still 5 board members of TPGPL but nah, the "gang" is as good as dissolved. The whole thing was well summarized by Bubba - "... And then there were none).

Wish you all the very best dudes, for all your future endeavours and yeah, keep the TimePass flag flying high.

One last hurrah to TPGPL... ADIOS AMIGOS.


Hari Krishnan said...

Well Written.. Faggy.. but True..

Deepak said... about starting of a new company with members of TPGPL in it...once everyone is back...that is in about 2/5/10 yrs time from now......hope you can pen your thoughts on this in one of your will be full TP

EnigmaFan said...

For a moment i thought u had lost ur senses! Phew finally its the same incorrigible bhargav! :D

Bhargav said...

@Hari: True it is...

@Deepak: Naaice idea... 10 years down the lane.. yeah... naaice idea... me will blog... or mebbe each one of us can blog about it and see what we come up with.. :)

@Enigmafan: Check response in next post comments.. :)