Wednesday, June 18, 2008

3 mistakes of MY life

Before I start... Here's what a "Just Married.... ... ... To My New Lappie" status message could do to the no of people pinging you.. :) :)

Now, coming to the 3 Mistakes of my life:

Mistake #1: Reading Othla's post on

Mistake #2: Writing a comment for the same.

Mistake #3: Writing this worthless post to highlight my previous 2 mistakes.


Saravanan said...

Ha ha ha.. Superb mistakes.. I read the othla one also.. Cool.. Carry on with your mistakes..

I dont wish to even think about my mistakes.. Its many and let it be like that only..

Karthik said...

As usual, you have derived your ideas from me and have again proved that you are a plagiarist. If not for my link that you have given in your current post, I wouldnt have even commneted here :)