Thursday, July 03, 2008

Vacation's over...

After nearly a 3 year honeymoon period in the IT industry (read as no-work), I get back to college once again..
I feel a sense of deja-vu after the first 10 days in college...

Here are some things which I revisit in my college life...

1. Sitting in the back bench
2. Switching back to Prepaid mode.
3. Trying to make new friends.
4. Finding the first friend in class and later realizing that he is a jackass.
5. Listening to friends rant about their crushes and girlfriends. And then giving them some 'crude' advice.
6. Bargaining with the local shop keeper for petty amounts.
7. Daily checking the balance of my mobile.
8. Asking a friend to return the 2Rs he had borrowed for coffee.
9. Going to the hotel, hogging like a pig, and leaving without tipping the waiter.
10. Having crushes on seniors but fearing their boyfriends.
11. Fudging an assignment from the studious people in class.
12. Dozing off in class and giving an understanding nod to the unsuspecting faculty at regular intervals.
13. Playing pranks on any arbitrary individual.
14. Laughing at anything and everything in the middle of a session.

...and some things which I am experiencing for the first time:
1. Hostel Life - I don't have something called a 'private life'. Added to that a factor of homesickness.
2. Ragging: Have been at the delivering end but never at the receiving end.
3. Washing clothes - God bless the inventor of the washing machine.
4. Living with 4 people in a single room.
5. Giving missed call to folks back home and waiting expectantly for them to call back.
6. Studying from day-1.
7. Going half-way to college after forgetting something and not getting a call from mom.
8. Speaking in Hindi for most part of the day. (Something at which I'm horribly bad and the cause of my non-participation in certain conversations when hard-core Hindi is used. My Hindi language is limited to "Arre yaar", "Kya", "Kyon","Kahan" and ofcourse the obscenities.)


Raghavendra said...

enjoyed reading it..
Hope you have good time there..

Sibin said...

Maga whenever in doubt with ur Hindi say the most useful of all Hindi phrases - "Tere Maa ki...".

This makes sure that conversation ends right there; either bcoz the unsuspecting audience is just gobsmacked or bcoz u r running to save ur ass from getting whooped.

Either ways u make sure u don't have to torture urself with having to remember Hindi film dialogues which suit the context of ur conversation or WORSE still - actually try and construct a sentence in Hindi with the right vocab, grammar and appropriate 'ling' for all things animate or inanimate!

Anonymous said...

Abhi to shuruat hai dost...aage aage dekho hota hai kya...


Karthik said...

Maga atleast now get some chicks to comment on your blog(And give them my blog id and phone number also)
This shoudlnt be a problem given the fact that your college is pretty close to the girls college :)