Thursday, December 31, 2009

Adieu 2009

It has been over 8 months since I've blogged... I guess the 'hectic' MBA life could be attributed for such a long period of inactivity (my friends @ NM and partners in crime would vouch for that :P :P )...

Am posting this while I'm waiting for the 3 idiots (Hari, Nachi and Kunta) to land up at my place. Funny thing is that it used to be many more idiots... just the 3 of them remain.. And the sinking feeling is that the head count is decreasing at a rate faster than my receding hairline..

The plan for the new year bash is unclear... well, there are no plans as of now.. There is 1 car and there are 4 people.. we'll probably end up going where the car takes us... I think the way I'm ending 2009 encapsulates the entire year has gone... (and probably the way life has shaped up)... It just brings a smile (rather, a smirk) to think of the irony of life... The more you make plans, the more confusing it gets...

Yet another year gone by, yet another set of events gone by; some trivial, some significant; new friendships were forged, some were well, not broken, but just separated by distance; some drifted away;

Every year that passes by just drives home the point that What you want and What you get might be mutually exclusive.

I'll just leave this here - as a point to ponder, for any random visitor who might happen to chance upon this post..

Adios for now and wish you all a very happy and prosperous year 2010.

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Aslan said...

my first entry in any form, in over two years. ur 8 months pales in comparison. hari as in hari ramakrishnan? congrats fr getting the mba done with, btw. besto!