Friday, November 03, 2006


As I mulled over my current financial status (which isn't something good), I did some mental math and came to the conclusion that I would have had a cool 1,00,23,040 bucks in my bank account had I used my head.

For those who haven't figured out how a bummer (slang for beggar) like me would have so much of cash, the calculation is explained stepwise:

1. Four years of engineering. Each sem has 6 subjects + 2 labs.
2. Therefore total no of subjects = (6sub * 8 semesters)+(2 labs*8semesters) = 64 . (Note: The assumption here is that there are no backlogs. If there are backlogs, please add the same to the no of subjects).
3. Let us term this as a variable called No_of_Subjects. (My software engg skills are coming into picture here)


4. Each subject has roughly around 3 reference books + 1 VTU book.

5. At the beginning of the semester, 1 reference book would have been purchased/borrowed from the library (Oh, just purchased and NOT read). That leaves me with 2 reference books + 1 VTU book.

6. No of chapters to be studied to attempt 5 questions in exam = 6 (Roughly)

7. No of pages per chapter = 50 (approx).

8. Therefore, total no of pages to be read = 50*6=300

9. Total No of pages from the 2 reference books + 1 VTU book = 300*2 +300*1=900.

10. Total No of pages throughout the engineering course = 900*No_of_Subjects = 57600 = No of pages that need to be photocopied.

11. Cost of photocopy = 0.40Rs per page.

12. Total cost of photocopy = 57600 *0.40 = Rs 23,040

13. No of Redundant photocopies = 1000 (redundancy might be caused by getting the same book photocopied twice or by having the genius to take a photocopy of book owned by of my friends actually did it..)

14. Total cost of redundant photocopies = 1000 * 0.40 = 400

15. Total cost of photocopies = 23,040+400 = Rs 23,440.

So, there we are. A stepwise explanation to achieve the mentioned at the top of this post.
Oh and yes, for those of you who are wondering where the other 1,00,00,000 Rs fits in:

I almost forgot.. Himesh can't sing!!!


mojindro said...

nice thought..
if i count that way..oh god!!
im going to faint now...

anyways...liked ur blog...

Harikrishnan said...

Dude.. there's something that you had forgotten... We decided that if "god forbid" we are not as successful in life as we planned, then we would all get together and open a XEROX shop in the campus..To a third person, this might look like a ridiculous idea, but I can assure you that, this scheme has the least overhead and heavy margins. If you to wanna join this remarkable franchise, keep reading this blogs for further updates on the same

dharmu said...

now you speak sense dear!
rightto on the track and keeps me wondering how richer i would have been???

(considering the fact that photocopied even others notes for my MBA, assignements too, projects too, er.. ???)

dharmu said...

as for having a xerox shop, man... its a big time money making occupation. please add a std/isd booth to it and if possible, sprial binding and colour printing and a small nescafe stall.

er, 2-3 comps for cyber use is also wonderful!!!

heck, what the hell am i doing in US???

Bhargav said...

@mojindro: Thanks a ton mate..

@Hari: Yeah dude..Me totally forgot about the Xerox shop..Good option..Not to be revealed in public..Else, we might face some stiff competition..

@Dharmu: Yeah.. I would have had a sister who also was a millionaire.. :)